To the person, who has not found love, yet…

I’m not really sure how to begin this post apart from, I have a lot of things on my mind lately and figured writing about them in a blogpost will be a great way to get it out. I thought I would write this post in an anonymous letter, to whomever may need it, including perhaps myself. I’m not entirely sure if this will flow well, at all.

“Dear whomever is reading this,

I’m not sure how I’m gonna get into this letter. I guess the only way I can do is state what I want to say without ‘beating round the bush’ – whatever that means. I’m 23 years old. I’m a female and I’ve never ever been in a serious relationship. I say serious, in actual fact I mean… any love-type relationship, at all. 

I often see posts on social media, of people my age and even younger with their loved one. Going away on holidays together, romantic dates or even days where you sit in bed, eat pizza and binge watch TV shows. I know that what is posted on social media is what people want you to see of their lives, or has been said before… a show’s highlight reel. I know, it isn’t always what it’s really like. There could be other problems and issues people are going through that they don’t want you to see. I get that. But the posts I do see, I can’t help but feel, when will it be my turn? 

The ‘attention’ I ever seem to get is from men, which I wish would leave me alone. For example, not too long ago, I got off the train from London after a job interview and couldn’t afford a taxi home so had to get the bus. Whilst walking to the bus stop the bus passed me and I missed it. I still headed there, waiting for the next bus as the walk from the station home isn’t long, but long enough. Especially after a day in London. The bus stop isn’t in a location where there’s no one around. In fact, it’s in a place where many, many people are around. Walking, driving, whatever it may be. However, there was this one man… quite tall and weirdly carrying a balloon. Must have got it from McDonalds near by, who was following me. Every time I stopped and turned round, he stopped. Not that this should be an issue at all, but I was wearing quite a short leather skirt and a longer blazer. I mean… I had to dress up smartly because I had an interview. I started to get concerned because I was alone and this guy was literally following me. It wasn’t until he started shouting stuff I really got nervous. I ended up having to run… literally run, two bus stops away to get away from him. WHY is it always, these types of people I attract?

I would say that I’m an outgoing person. I would like to think I am fun to be around. Of course not all the time, we alllllll have those days. Whether we admit it or not. You know, them types of days where you just want to hide from the world, snuggled in bed, watching your fave TV show and drinking hot chocolate or cups of tea on tap. (If you’re interested, my show is Greys Anatomy… I’ve watched 11 out of 13 seasons and it’s the ONLY show I can watch, without getting bored… unless you’re talking about Friends, but that’s a different story – that Now TV I bought at Christmas time, my fave for all Grey’s binge sessions) With that being said about myself, why haven’t I found someone yet? Why does no one pay any sort of attention to me?


I feel a little left out. I feel like maybe I’m not good enough for a partner. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a bit terrified of love, because I’ve never had it before. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do. Maybe it’s just the attention I want and the love and not everything else that comes with it? Maybe… I just don’t know what or who I want after all?

I hate putting labels on things, especially things such as love. Love should just be love, right? Whether you’re a boy/man who has fallen in love with a boy/man/girl/woman or if you’re a girl/woman who’s fallen in love with a girl/woman/boy/man. Surely love, is love. 

I don’t know if what I’ve said has made sense. If you have read this and has also never had a boyfriend/girlfriend, who is also the only one out of your friend’s who hasn’t got/had a partner, Just know you’re not alone. I know the feeling is crappy and I too, am fed up of that saying… there is someone for everyone. I will believe it when I see it. I do, however.. believe everyone is worthy of love. Whoever and whenever it will be.

Until then, I guess you and I will be holding out for a hero… whoever they may be x x x”



autumn | 2014

Hi there, I’ve always wanted to create my own fashion|beauty|lifestyle blog since I had left school. I read countless blogs on the #fblogger hashtag. There are a select few blogs which I always go back to read time after time and they have inspired me a lot into creating my own blog. They are:

Fox In Flats for ultimate style and lifestyle. This lady has inspired me a lot to do a blog as seen her success on social media has driven me to do my own. Check out the Fox in flat’s blog as she does Style Dares throughout the year which are always fun to join in :

Kate Waterhouse’s blog as I had seen it featured on the E! channels show Fashion bloggers for all things fashion, travel and also celeb talk. Kate Waterhouse’s career is one to be inspired by for all bloggers.:

Dannii Minogue’s blog is one for all types of subjects. The blog can range from top songs to behind the scenes of the photography shoots/projects she has going on. There are also Style Files posted within her blog and the occasional recipe or two. Check it out at:

Now I know it won’t be easy but I’m committed to at least trying this out, even if it goes nowhere. My first post is going back to October 2014 where it was a lovely, unusually warm day in London. With the warm weather in mind I decided now was the time to wear my new amazing split skirt I bought recently in H&M for only £7 – bargain! I did, however, have to wear tights with this skirt as the thought of wind and a split skirt is a nightmare. I teamed this skirt with a recently bought leather jacket I had been keeping my eye on from ASOS. It cost me around £26 and is definitely worth the investment. The leather look on the outside is super soft and the lining inside keeps you warm. They don’t have this exact biker jacket instore, but something that is identical to the one I have is:

photo-2 photo

That’s all from me in my first post. I’ll be blogging regularly from now on into 2015. Happy New Year everyone, hope 2015 brings you happiness. xox