Realisation and Christmas ASK Italian bloggers dinner

This week began in the worst way. If you read my last blogpost I was about to go to my second interview for a job I really wanted. I felt like my style really reflected their brand and I had in my mind I had a good chance of getting it. Then… Monday morning I got the email that they had chosen someone else. Right back to the drawing board I go. I’m not going to lie, but I cried about it. That probably sounds sad but… I’m sure you’ve all wanted something so bad and when you don’t, it’s the worst feeling. Anyhow, I vowed that I wouldn’t change or get back on the grind of job hunting until 2018, unless… like a miracle something would find me. I quite frankly felt down about my design work.

On Tuesday morning, I woke up to a message saying I had won the competition to eat lots of pizza and drink cocktails with one of my favourite bloggers, Jessica of CocoaChelsea, you can check out her Instagram here. I’ve followed Jess for a long time now and absolutely love the content she produces. Her photo content is INCREDIBLE and her Insta stories are my faves to watch. So, to be given the opportunity to go for dinner with her, at ASK Italian trying their Christmas menus and disco ball cocktails, I couldn’t exactly say no, could I? I was so excited.


Three people won, including myself, and one of the girls Hannah had arranged for us with Cat to meet before the event. It’s that thought of walking into an event on your own, that terrifies me. We grabbed a quick glass of wine, in the most rude pub. I’m not gonna go into that though. Then headed to the event.

We all went and met Jess and stood getting to know each other, asking questions and just getting used to the vibe. We were segmented on the side in our own little area and was presented with the coolest cranberry mojitio in a disco ball cup, I’ve ever seen. And my god, it was YUMMY. We then sat down and one of each of the starters were bought out. I instantly gravitated to the cheesy garlic bread because, who doesn’t love that? And it did NOT disappoint. Other options were bought out as well such as the Pumpkin Arancini that, according to Cat tasted like cheese and potato. I’m not THAT much into pumpkin so didn’t try it… only pumpkin thing I love is a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks October time, BRING ON NEXT YEAR.



We were sat chatting and I can honestly say, it felt like I had known these girlys my whole life, not just met an hour or so ago. We chatted ALL sorts of things and it was genuinely so lovely, talking to people who get you. We were also lucky enough to get some top tips from Jess too – yay! 


We were allowed to choose what we’d like for the main and by this time I was feeling pretty jolly. Those cocktails – YES! I ordered the calzone pollo, and I had never had this before. I thought it was a pasta dish and not a GIANT pasty, but… my god it was so YUMMY.  It was filled with chicken, pancetta, mushrooms, roasted peppers, olives, tomato sauce and mozzerella. SO DAMN GOOD. So filled with the filling. If I get to go back before the Christmas menu disappears, I NEED IT AGAIN. ASAP. 


Before our dessert came out we began the big quiz of 2017! There were different segments to the quiz… my fav was the CHRISTMAS SEGMENT! Whilst we were busy answering the questions, we were given desserts to try and… believe me when I say, I was SO confused when this first came out… SNOWBALL GNNOCHI??? RIGHT??? I was so sceptical about these but they were incredible. Tasted like little doughballs FILLED with Nutella. What more, could you want? You could also dip them into white chocolate and coconut and I was genuinely in heaven. They were incredible. 




The whole evening was incredible and really and truly cheered me up. Towards the end of the evening I began to talk about the fact that I do graphic design/illustrations and have being toying for a LONG time now… must be a few years, that I want to start and Etsy shop. To create badges and tote bags and stickers and just fun things. Seeing the girls be so successful in what they do have made me SO motivated. I may even dabble in a bit of media kit designing, blog headers and buisness card designs for bloggers, that go as a pack together.

I will look into this a lot more and do some research, but could be something for the next year.

BRING ON 2018. 


Homemade Tortilla Pizza

Recently I’ve made the decision that I am going to try and eat more healthy. I’ve realised I spend way too much money buying take out food and can cook alternative meals inspired by take out food at home for much less money. Theres also something about not being able to fit into any of my summer clothes from last year and having to spend money buying new ones this year that’s part of it as well.

I was reading a fellow creative blogger’s blog – Polly (you should check out her shop here and designs – so damn cool and so in love with them pins) about the healthy food that she had been eating in a week and was so inspired by the tortilla pizza idea. Believe me when I say its the quickest meal, thats healthy that I’ve ever made. I thought I’d share with you guys how I made the pizza my own and what toppings I used on here. You can change the veg up how you like it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.53.11

You will need:

2 tortilla wraps, I used wholegrain ones as they taste gooood 

Low fat cream cheese

Tomato puree

Handful of spinach 

Handful of red onion

Cherry tomatoes



Chilli Flakes

Jalepeno Peppers

(& I was naughty first time and used cheddar grated as well, got to love cheeeeeese)

How I made it

I heated the oven to around 170 degrees and placed my tomatoes, which I chopped tiny before hand on the tray and put them in the oven for around 10 minutes to roast. You could put them in longer I’m sure or not put them in at all, just chop them up and lay them on the pizza.

Whilst my tomatoes were  doing their thing I lay a tortilla wrap on a plate, grabbed a knife and spread the low fat soft cheese over it. I didn’t use a lot as I just wanted the two tortilla wraps to stick together better. I felt like one would be too thin, but there again you can change that how you like.

I then layered the second tortilla on top and spread enough tomato puree on.

I grabbed a hand full of spinach, washed it, then ripped it up and spread over the pizza.

I added a hand full of chopped red onion.

I then cut two slices of mozzerella and cut them into small pieces and placed them on the pizza.

I took out the cherry tomatoes and places them around the pizza and then grated enough cheese on top to make it look, more like a pizza.

I then added a couple of jalepeno peppers to the top  – spicy.

I added a good sprinkling of chilli flakes and paprika – again its all down to your own taste and placed in the oven. 

My oven is quite powerful and a fan oven so I only put mine in for around 5-7 minutes. I wait until around the edges are crispy. 

There you have it, the most gorgeous tasting tortilla pizza made at home. I genuinely think it tastes better than a take out pizza. It uses up any fresh veg you have and you could also shake it up by rolling it into a wrap as a lunch time meal.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you’d like more like it. Thanks again to Polly for inspiring me to make this in the first place. Yay for pizza!