Life as a Graduate Part One.

So… here’s my little insight for you all into the world of a recent graduate. Twelve weeks ago today, I handed in my final major project at university. Crazy! I miss the work load strangely, I miss the knowing that I was working towards something great and I miss seeing my friends almost every day as well as living with some. I also miss the independence uni gave me and how everything was so much closer to me down at uni. Since the uni days, I just feel like every day that goes by I can slowly feel my creativity slip a way a little more, or so I think it is.

I am losing my mind every day applying for six – nine jobs whilst simultaneously getting emailed replies from other companies declining job applications. Some not even giving a few hours and instantly replying saying, no chance. (I once got an email that said I don’t think this role is worth your application – great, loved that.)


(Pic by my good friend Aisha’s dad – woo graduation day!)

Right now, I am currently in that stage of looking for a graduate job whether that be an internship that pays for at least my travel and food expenses or a junior graphic designer job.

The only thing with this is, many jobs require experience. How am I meant to get real life experience if people don’t give you the chance? That phrase real life keeps coming up. I’m over it. I do, however, have a real big issue with internships that don’t pay and especially now I’ve graduated with a decent degree. I personally feel they exploit new creatives with fresh ideas to build their company up and for what? Many of them… nothing. I know that completing at least even a week of an internship will ultimately become part of your CV.  This way, it can count towards experience every company wants you to have, but internships could also be unpractical if you have no money – like myself. For example, for me to get to an internship in peak hours it would cost me £600 a month on travel only, for free work

I’ve found that the interviews I’ve been to so far have also bigged you up and make you believe you are suitable for a role and then, sadly, will see someone else for an interview and they have better experience than you. Even if that’s just a tiny bit and you’re back to square one. Who would of thought that sitting at a computer all day every day refreshing websites for potential jobs, going to interviews and then restarting the process can be mentally and of course physically exhausting.

I’m also aware that I haven’t finished uni that long ago and I also know that jobs take a while to get but I’m feeling frustrated in this job search and ultimately, lost. Let alone the massive pressure to get a job in the degree you studied the past three years and spent a fortune on. It feels like an endless cycle right now and no matter how hard I try and think… if I don’t get this job or I don’t get that reply, it’s not the right one for me… it is disheartening. I find myself feeling angry that maybe I’m not good enough for the career I want to go into and the constant declines are making me believe it more and more.

When I first got my few replies back about job interviews/phone call interviews I was excited that I posted on my social media and let those really close know. But with the constant not getting them, even though I’m trying my hardest… I’ve began not to let them know. That phrase… build your success silently is coming to my mind. Maybe if I don’t shout about these things, it will work in my favour? I don’t know… my brain is weird.

I have really and truly hit those graduate blues and I’m not sure how many more days I can sit on my sofa, refreshing job applications and watching Netflix I can take before going out my mind. I’m just so so nervous thinking I’m not good enough for my career I want to take. It’s becoming more and more believable the more I get jobs declined.

I just want a chance in this real world, I’m almost over it, already… before things have started.





A year on…

Today to the day something big happened. It may not seem as something big for many people but if you’re in the same boat as myself you may be able to relate. No family knows about this, apart from my dad. I didn’t tell him whilst it was happening either, I told him when it was over. A few months after. I was struggling a lot whilst down in Southampton. Being away from family gets worse when you are alone and feel so, so shit.

I spoke to a few friends and they all suggested to use the universities services they provide. After all I do pay £9000 a year to study there, so why not? It wasn’t the issue as such of not using their services, in fact I was all for that. It was more the feelings behind it. They suggested I went to speak to a councillor. A councillor at the end of the day is someone you can go to, to talk about anything and everything. They are there not to judge. They are there to help you get through whatever struggles you are facing.

However, at the time when I thought of councillors I thought of scary times. I’m not sure if that’s because I have been so naive to mental health in the past. I’ve only really seen counselling that happens in movies and on TV shows and lets be honest, it isn’t always positive, or maybe I was watching the wrong things. I had been brainwashed by these types of media that I was frightened to go. I had all these scenarios of what could/would happen. I genuinely had thoughts of; Is what I need help for even valid? Will they think I’m crazy? Will they think that I’m only there to ‘attention seek’? Just as a side track, claiming someone is attention seeking in my book is the worst thing someone can say to you, especially when they don’t know you or even worse if they do. If you suffer from mental health 9/10 you feel alone, even maybe 10/10. You are NOT attention seeking talking out about your problems. No way are you. In fact, you are brave. You are not only helping yourself, but you could be helping other people not feel alone. You are incredible talking out. The stigmas around mental health are SO frustrating when it comes to this.

Anyhow, I went along to my counselling meetings in the hope that the lady can help me. Help me try and get life on track. I’m not sure if it 100% worked out because I didn’t know her and I find it SO hard to open up and that’s the person I am. I even find it hard now to open up to people, to tell them what I feel, what’s going on. I know I was proud of myself for going to try it out, what harm could it of done? I did think it was the best idea for myself to stop them completely after a while.

It wasn’t until I had a moment when I thought I need to stop this. There are people I know who can help. There are. I’m being silly keeping all this inside which is slowly, but surely destroying me. It got out of control that there were nights I woke in the middle of the night with panic attacks and if you know me, even though I don’t sleep a lot whenever I do I treasure it and don’t want to be awoken by this.


In May this year I really began to use my blog to get all this out. I had my nails done for my birthday in April and it helped me so much with Trich and I finally thought, it’s now my time to help others. I began to write about mental health. Specifically a condition which has taken up 14 years of my life and has little to no awareness about it. A condition which, whenever I write about and click the publish button on my blog, I feel good about writing – even though deep down it makes me feel ashamed. I think it’s more the awareness that I’m raising about it makes me proud. This year alone my little blog has reached 56 countries. That’s countries where people that suffer from the same thing that I have been able to help feel less alone, and there is NO greater feeling than that.

Speaking out about things is SO important and if you can, please find someone whether that be a family member you can trust, a professional like a uni tutor,a manager at work or a medical professional PLEASE talk out. I promise you, you will feel so much better.You will also be helping others, even if you don’t feel like you are. Such a great feeling.

Today I will be celebrating all that I’ve accomplished in a year of going from saying nothing to working on that everyday and getting better. You can do it too, I believe in you.

University – Top five tips

It’s already September – how? Although this does mean Autumn, i.e- cosy jumpers, drinking hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows and not getting weird looks, PUMPKIN SPICED LATTES, cute over the knee socks – you get the idea. It also means for some people a stressful time of moving away from home to a whole new city, where they may not know anyone and it can be scary. I’m about to go into my third year at university and now quite used to the lifestyle that comes with moving away.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 18.17.32

(Photo credit: Instagram – positiveheadspace)

I have some of my top tips which I have learnt after moving away. It’s all so exciting moving away and I can tell you it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve gained so much independence and learnt life things which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t move away.

I’ve piled some into a list for you here and I hope they help you in one way, or another:

– BUY EARPLUGS. Oh christ I wish I knew this before I moved to university. I didn’t use them in first year and just put up with the noise. Only recently have I bought some as next door have parties regularly and they are the best investment. You might not need them every night but it’s so good to have them there incase you do. They will become your best friend. 

–  If you can, get a group together to do a food shop and get it delivered to your halls/house. It’s so much easier than trailing across town with bags and bags of food. If you split the cost of delivery and pay your own share, its lifesaving. Seriously.

– If you’re moving into halls getting a lock for your cupboard stops people getting in your cupboard and stealing food. Although you can only control it in the fridge if you buy yourself a mini fridge for your room (I did, best £30 spent! Who doesn’t want milk in your room for a late night cuppa without leaving your room?) 

Keep on top of washing up. There is nothing more frustrating for other flatmates/housemates than someone in the kitchen who doesn’t clean their own plates up. There is also a hygiene issue with this too. Not ok. Just keep on top of everything in general. If you stick post-it notes over your room and it helps – do it. If you’re someone who like to keep a diary and write stuff down like me – buy one. It will help you so much and you will feel so much more productive. 

– If you are missing home or have other issues then please, please go and speak to someone within the university. There will be a student support centre within your uni who are there for you. It’s there job to look out for people. Don’t ever feel like you are being too silly or a burden  I did feel this before I went to talk to them and they’re so helpful. They offer services for all sorts of issues including money, homesickness and mental health to name a few. Best thing I done was talk to them. Honestly.

– Keep track of your assignments and work. It goes without saying really. I only decided to discover the library at the end of second year – yep. It is the perfect place for work to get peace and quiet. Sometimes your house/halls can be too loud to get some work done. Also, if you don’t do anything whilst there, it still feels productive because you’re at the library. If you struggle with writing/reading there will be people at the library who can help you too. Win/win.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 18.13.25

(Photo credit: Instagram – positiveheadspace)

Make sure you have the best time. Although at some points it may get too much just remember why and how you got there. You can do it. You will get through that ever ending to do list. You will get that assignment thats kept you up for months done and you will get used to being away from home.  Remember if you ever do have any issues, especially homesickness message me any time. You can do it and it will be the best years of your life, honestly!

Favourite lipstick collection

I am a sucker for lipsticks. I cannot help but buy one every single time I go into a drugstore to buy make up. There is just SOMETHING about opening a fresh clean new lipstick. I have quite a collection now I can’t help but buy one and thought I’d share my favourite four lipsticks. The photos are not exactly great because I love and adore these lipsticks and they are religiously worn.

  1. KIKO PARIS – 01 NUDE. Although this is a new lipstick it is my now become my go to every single day since I bought it. It is a gorgeous shade and you can just see the colour. It makes it more of a daily lipstick this way. At the moment it is on offer, not sure how long it will last so I’d defo snap it up ASAP here.


  2. CLINQUE – NUDE POP. This one I got free with Glamour magazine sometime last year and really adore it. I feel like it is moisturising to the lips which, for me has to be a must. The colour is really on trend and very neutral. I love it. You can buy it here.


  3. LOREAL – 1o3 PROTEST QUEEN. I have just done a post recently on this lipstick when I bought some of the new collection. I really love this lipstick for a glossy look, just for a change from the normal matte looking lipsticks I usually where. My personal experience this lipstick has stayed on. You can purchase it here.


  4. MAC – STONE. This colour is different to the others above. I’ve never been brave enough to buy a darker lipstick but this one is just gorgeous. It’s a deep browny/purple matte shade and I adore it. I’m so pleased to have bought it. I only wear it occasionally but when I do I get good comments about it. You can purchase it here.


There you have it. There’s a mix of high price and low price lipsticks here but all are very much treasured by me. What are your favourite drug store or high end lipsticks? I’m always on a hunt for new ones.

Speak soon


5 things to do when you’re sad

We’ve finally left month of blues which is, January. I have seen many many posts on Twitter which people have said January is a trial month and February is the new ‘start’. It satisfies me a lot that today, the 1st of February has fell on a Monday.

Anyhow, if you find yourself feeling blue or down in the coming months here is five things I do when feeling down.

  1. Grab a cup of tea. I don’t know what it is about a cup of tea but it just instantly relaxes me. If you don’t like tea then try a hot chocolate or if you don’t like that then get your fave drink.. There’s nothing better than sitting with a magazine to read to take a break.
  2. Music.  Listening to music which have the words similar to how I’m feeling can help a lot. I often do this and grab a bar of chocolate and just listen to the words and try to relax. If you can relate to lyrics then it gives you the security that maybe someone else is going through a similar situation. A few of my fave songs which mean a lot to me are: Fight Song – Rachel Playten, Warrior – Demi Lovato, Mean – Taylor Swift/Clean – Taylor Swift. If that kind of music doesn’t help then stick a dance song on and dance around your room! Always makes me feel better too!
  3. Talk to a friend. There’s nothing like a good chat with a friend when you’re feeling down. Chat to them and tell them how you feel. Most the time when I do this they bring you back up and make you smile or they’re feeling the same way so it’s a win win to get everything out and help eachother.
  4. Bath. When I’m at home and not at uni I try to have a bath. Being in a room no one else can get in with my favourite music playing and soaking away until my skin looks like elephant trunks (I got told that’s what it’s called when I was little lol) is so relaxing.  Add a bath bomb and the world will be perfect again.
  5. Read or watch a film/TV show.Normally when I’m feeling down the dumps I don’t always want to be on social media. I feel a bit of a burden if I write about how sad I am, although sometimes I feel like my Twitter page is for anything for me to write on and I shouldn’t worry what other people think, but I do. Sometimes, however I do say how I’m feeling. We all are human after all and if you do that, that’s absolutely fine too. I often hide my phone away and grab a book. I’ve got two on the go at the moment and I’m not sure how or why I did that. Escaping to a fictional world is one of my favourite things to do. If you’re not a reader, which lets face it sometimes if you’ve been busy during the day you don’t always want to read stick your fave film on. That’s always a winner winner.

There you have it. That’s five things I do when I feel sad. I hope some of these tips can help you if you’re feeling a little under the weather and need a pick me up to relax. Let me know what you do when you’re sad and if you have any tips for what bath bomb is the best/music you listen to/books you read etc in the comments below.


10 2016 Goals

Hi guys,

As the new year has just begun, or not.. we are now 18 days in – HOW?? I thought I would share some of my goals for this year. I think this will be a good idea to write down and then at the end of the year compare these goals to see which I have completed and which I haven’t. I would write down a list of new years resolutions but I think I will more than likely stick to this idea more.

10 Goals for 2016.

  1. Climb the o2. I am completely and utterly obsessed with the city and I think you will get the most incredible views from there. The best time to go up would be the sunset time, can you imagine how beautiful that would look? My plans to do this are my 22nd birthday in April.
  2. Following on from the point before I would also love to go up the Shard in the summer. Heights don’t scare me and again the views would look incredible.
  3. Read more books. As I travel back and forth from Southampton to Luton and back again and spend A LOT of time on trains, I feel like this would be the ideal opportunity to read more. If you have any suggestions, let me know!
  4. Get a high 2:1 or a low first in one of my university grades. Setting it as one would be a realistic goal.
  5. Attend LFW either in February or September. Attending LFW has always been a dream of mine.
  6. Go to more blogger events. I went to a few last year and they were very very fun. I even got noticed at one which made my year, little ole blogger me.
  7. Blog a lot more. I’m always stuck for ideas of what to post and feel like if I post something I’m nervous i’ll be copying someone else.
  8. Get my illustrations/work out there more. I would love to collab with brands and use my illustrations with them. #dreams
  9. Find some more inner confidence to get out there more and try not to hold back too much. I’m a sucker for that. I always give advice out but never take it myself which is something I need to work on also. Basically, treating myself better.
  10. Spend a lot more time with friends and family. More spontaneous trips with friends would be exciting, more adventures would be incredible too.

There you have it, ten of my goals for 2016.

If you have any goals or any advice to help with my goals, then let me know.

I’ll speak to you all soon,



2015 & Happy 2016!!

Hi guys.

It’s been a good long while since I posted on this blog and tbh I feel awful about it. What I really like about blogging on here is the community and the feedback you get from each post and I kind of miss that. I have almost finished my first semester of my second year and my goodness I didn’t realise how much the work stepped up then.

It’s just turned new year and if you’re like me and you have probably spent the last month thinking, what did I achieve in the last year? What can I change about last year?

2015 was a very good year for myself but of course it had its terrible lows as well… But if it didn’t then where would the challenges be?

Uni wise I got my first high 2:1 in my first year and passed that year too (YAY)!!! I done some graphics work which was featured in Dannii  Minogue’s Sydney Mardi Gras performance and both her G-A-Y & Manchester Pride headlining gigs!! Still to this day I can’t believe that happened. Although I created just a few, I think five graphics for it… We had a fire in our uni halls kitchen and were evacuated for 2/3 hours when I had to send work over – eek! My illustratons got noticed by a few huge brands including Pretty Little Thing and Lo’real Paris!

I got to go to a few blogging events this year, one being Beauty Con in London another one was at OXO tower in London, incredible views!! I managed to secure myself a part time job and travel the country a little more (next step- the world!!)

This year I really want to get into my blog and meet more blogging people, join more chats and work with brands more. It’s so rewarding being a blogger when these things happen.

I need a redesign of this blog.. As I want it to look professional, do you guys have any suggestions?

Happy new year to you all and I hope 2016 brings you a lot of health and love!

Speak soon,

Charlotte X