LFW – #TommyNow show. What it was like being there.

I, for one, cannot believe I get to write a blogpost about attending a London Fashion Week show. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to attend one. It was always my goal, but, I knew that you had to be invited to the shows, which meant I had no hope at all.  However, whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed I saw that Yanin, (PrettySickly) had an opportunity to attend the Tommy Hilfiger RockCircus show…of course I jumped at the chance and… I won!

Let me start by saying, I cannot thank Yanin enough for choosing me and my plus one Sophie, for this experience. To see any London Fashion Week show would be a plus, but to see the one, where two of my biggest muses, Gigi Hadid show her third Tommy collection and walk the show, as well as her beautiful sister, Bella Hadid (that I have a crush on!) with all their model friends, it was a dream come true. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

The whole process began with the decision of – what am I gonna wear??? For a broke graduate, I knew I would not be able to buy the dream outfit I would want to wear so had to settle for something less. I was umming and ahhing all week before the show, shall I order this? Shall I order that? Hmmm. It wasn’t until the day before I headed into town in hope that something jumped out at me. The weather has turned cold and I was so not up for wearing anything that would make me freezing. So, I settled for this outfit.

A £10 dress from Primark. Thanks Primark, you babes. My favourite part of the outfit is, the studded boots (from H&M) and fishnet socks teamed with the biggest, brightest, Pat Butcher-esque earrings from Topshop.


Tommy Hilfiger – RockCircus was on Tuesday 19th September and that afternoon I headed up to London to meet Sophie for pre-fashion week dinner. After dinner in our favourite chinese restaurant in Leicester Square Mr Wong, we headed to the venue. When we arrived, we were in a completely different line and completely bi-passed all the people. How cool. How VIP. How sassy. We had to wait outside for around an hour until we were allowed in.



When entering the venue we were handed a Tommy Hilfiger drawstring bag. Yaaas!! As soon as we got in, there were stands with the collection that was being shown on. There were photo booths. There were GIF booths. There were people offering wine. There were people offering free burgers, hot dogs and fish and chips. There was a bar. It was all lit up like a circus inside, with a big Tommy RockCircus light up sign. It was something that I had never ever seen before. I was overwhelmed. 


One, that I was even in the building and I was actually at an invite only London Fashion Week show, but how incredible it looked as well. We found a spot where we could stand and chilled until the show started, trying to spot the celeb just down from where we stood every time a bunch of paparazzi had their cameras flashing. All whilst standing, sipping wine and taking it all in. It wasn’t long until someone who was working the show, walked by and offered a halloumi burger. HALLOUMI BURGER. ALL THE YES FROM ME. Damn, it was sooooo good.


It wasn’t too long until the show started and that was when the adrenaline kicked in and the buzz was felt in the atmosphere. Gigi walked out first and I swear, I could of fainted. I’ve admired this lady and her work ethic for so long and to see her, right there, in front of me. Literally, arms length away. Wow. I could feel that inner 14 year old fangirl in me about to make an appearance. The show had the most perfect soundtrack. Hip hop/RnB to strut your stuff too. I was so tempted to join in, not sure if they would like that though. I was stood with water in my eyes a few times, just so beyond grateful to be there. My dream coming true before my eyes

Gigi and Bella Hadid – ahhhhh!!!

Jourdan Dunn, Hayley Baldwin, Georgia May Jagger, Joan Smalls and a smiling Bella

When the fashion show had finished, there was a legit circus act happening. People on a trapeze and swinging from hoops, climbing big pieces of material, just wow. Whilst that was all happening, the stage was getting set for the one and only The Chainsmokers. They were performing at the afterparty. YES! I’ve loved these guys for a long time, just a cherry on top of the cake. Whilst standing watching The Chainsmokers (wow amazing live!) we were handed mini doughnuts. This show was the most incredible, amazing, overwhelming event I have ever, ever been to. 

Sophie and I stood watching the show for a little while before taking a wonder round. I didn’t want to mooch before the show, as I didn’t want to lose what incredible space we had. We went into the photobooth and got the biggest poster, with the Tommy London writing over the top as a take away gift for being there. We posed with microphones and a star tamborine. Just like Gigi does in the promo running up to the event. I was living the dream. 

Even now, 16 hours after coming home from the event I am still on a buzz. I cannot believe I was given this opportunity. I cannot believe I saw Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid with all their model friends. I always catch up on these guys, when they walk catwalk shows. Then, they were right in front of me. I cannot believe I got to attend such an incredible, well put on and fun event at London Fashion Week.

I hope in the future I can attend more London Fashion Week events, they are so fun. And, thank you, once again Yanin, for making my dream come true. 



MUA VS Make Up Revolution – Highlighters

I have been searching for a highlighter for a while. I have always used my Sleek contour kit but have had it for around a year and a half, maybe even two years – no kidding. The highlighter however is now on its way out, it has that massive hole in the middle where you need to move your brush in really weird angles just to get some on it – not ideal and definitely time to upgrade.

However, I do not have the pounds right now to replace the Sleek one I love. I was on a hunt for a new one and heard really good things about the MUA highlighter and the Make Up Revolution one. With their affordable prices, I was feeling OK to buy both, after all I will have two highlighters for less than one – winning.

I first bought the MUA highlighter. This highlighter is more of a gold colour. I got it in the shade Iridescent Gold. It definitely lives up to it’s name. As soon as I bought it I instantly swatched it on my hand and was so impressed. The colour was gold and shimmery and just gorgeous. It stayed on the back of my hand for ages. Every time the sun it my hand I could see it glistening – perfect! Overall, I’m so so so pleased with this highlighter and it only costs £3. BARGAIN. You can buy it online here.

I then bought the Make Up Revolution highlighter in the shade Golden Lights. Every time I have been in my local Superdrug they have always, always been sold out. I was home for literally a few days (can’t wait to come back end of the month) and in that Superdrug there sat one highlighter in the shade I was after – SUCCESS. (So obviously I bought it!) When I swatched it on the back of my hand the pigmentation was insane. I love it! This one isn’t as gold and shimmery as the MUA one and more of a silver/white tone. When I apply it to my face I use my finger first then move it with the brush and it goes on so well. Makes me sparkle so much. You can buy the Make Up Revolution one here for £3!

Overall, I feel like both highlighters will be used at different times and the £6 was well worth my money. I love these highlighters so much and will be high up in my make up bag.

What highlighters are your favourite and on the high street?

Giorgio Armani event.

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of joining Southampton bloggers, for the first time at an event. I was so excited to meet these girls as I had always missed out on other events they have held because of working on the weekend – ugh. I was also meeting a girly I’ve had a lot of conversations recently with, Sarah and its always nice to put a face to a blog!

Sarah and I decided to meet up before the event to grab a coffee and chill out, as it was both our first time with these girls. I, however ended up getting there later than I planned because I cut my finger open with a pair of scissors trying to get into eyeliner. You know the saying beauty is pain, literally.

We headed over to the event and was greeted with a rather large glass of prosecco, and I will 100% not say no to glass of bubbles, ever. We said hey to the other bloggers which was lovely and headed over to wear we would see a live make up demonstration. When we got to the place we would be sitting there was gorgeous Giorgio Armani goodie bags waiting for us – cute!! We sat down and had a chilled evening watching make up being done. The products that were used were passed around and we were able to swatch/smell them for ourselves. It took absolutely everything in me not to buy a lipstick. I’m such a sucker for lipsticks but to be realistic I’m a student on a very strict budget, I just couldn’t.. but maybe one day! After all my baby Chanel lippy needs a friend, right? I also loved the fluid sheer product. It went on so well not too runny not too think and when rubbed in my hand literally glistened.. that will also go on my ever growing make up wish list!

(Excuse my poorly finger, it was cut open by scissors!)

The event was so so so much fun and I thank Southampton Bloggers for a fab evening and thank John Lewis and Giorgio Armani for making it happen and being so kind and generous to us.

The goodie bag we received was super gorgeous too. Inside is a leaflet which shows all the products they sell as well as a leaflet to say about getting offers/updates straight to your emails. There were also three samples of products in there. A perfume called Cuior Nior, a cream called cream neara extrema and a primer called maestro uv 50+.

The perfume is a gorgeous scent. It is strong yet not too floral or too musky. I could see the scent being worn by a strong business women. It definitely stands out against all the other perfumes I already own but I would totally buy this. It has a long lasting smell too, I have worn it for a few hours and the smell hasn’t disappeared and still as strong as when I first sprayed it.

The cream and the primer are gorgeous too. I haven’t yet used them properly just swatched them as I don’t want to waste them, I’d rather use them for a very very special occasion until I can save to buy them for myself at a full size. When I put them both on the back of my hand they have the perfect consistency. When rubbed in gently they have left my skin feeling fresh and not as if I’ve put product on, and my skin is very very soft. I adore them both so much.

Overall Giorgio Armani will be in my top list to buy high end products from. The staff are lovely and the make up is to such a high standard.

I can’t wait to hopefully join more blogging events with these girls! I had the best time!

Speak soon.


Loreal Pro Hair Event

On Thursday 12th I went to a Loreal event in Shoreditch in the evening… It was the Loreal Hair Fashion night. I applied for tickets earlier that week but wasn’t 100% sure I was gonna go. I love going to Shoreditch as the street art always inspires me, with being a graphic designer and all. I had no idea where I was going and didn’t have enough 3G left on my phone to use Google Maps so I just followed my instinct. I headed down a road, then another and another and I found it! So excited!!!

I headed in on my own (the second event I’ve been to on my own) and the ladies there were lovely. One of the ladies made sure I was OK and knew where I was going (wish I got her name!!). We got given a voucher which entitled us to one free drink which I obviously took advantage off, especially as I was on my own and thought the alcohol would loosen me up more. I however chose to have my hair styled first, my thought process was that was gonna get busier quicker than the bar (I was right!!)

You got to choose how you wanted your hair to be styled. I chose mine to be waved. If you know or have seen my hair recently you would know it has literally so many colours in. To name a few there is; pink, blonde, grey, blue, purple, brown… who knows how many more there are in there? The stylist was lovely and asked how my day was and had a chat to me about my hair, as you can imagine, its damaged as anything. He was super lovely and my hair had a lot of photos/film taken of it… I guess the colours attracted people more to it.. who knows?

I then began Lydia Millen and Lily Pebbles begin their Q&A. Lydia is literally my favourite blogger there is. She’s stunning and her content on her blog/photos and Youtube are always my fav to read/watch. It was literally like you were stood there watching her Youtube video live. Incredible. I Illustrated her the day before in prep for my internship. I however suffer from such bad anxiety/nerves I couldn’t bring myself to say hello, even after a woman who works there asked who I was there for I didn’t say. Im now kicking myself as I wanted to meet her so much. Anxiety you suck.

I had a drink of rum and coke on them which made my evening and rounded it off perfectly as a celebration of my first day at my internship.

The goody bag is incredible and I cannot wait to try everything out that is in it and review it on my blog.

Everyone was so lovely and I’m so glad I pushed myself to actually walk in there in the end. I will never forget this evening.

Thank you Loreal Pro.

Body shop review

I am always on the look out for new foundations. I have been loving Loreal’s Infallible foundation recently. My skin is very very pale so it’s always a struggle to find one that doesn’t make my skin look really pale.

However there was a student sessions on at West Quay in Southampton last Thursday and of course if there is a bargain I’m going to pick it up. I needed some new musling cloths for my Liz Earle cleanse and polish (which I adore) and saw they had a make up range in the Body Shop.

I’ve read a few posts on the Body Shop’s make up and they always get positive reviews (the ones I read anyways!) I’m running low on foundation so what a time to purchase one from The Body Shop, especially if they had 20% discount. I picked up the shade Chelsea Porcelain after swatching it on my hand, it was the palest they had in store.

The next morning was the ideal time to try it out. I squirted enough on the back of my hand and was surprised. It hasn’t got a thick consistency and it runs on my hand as I tilt it away. It reminds me of Loreal’s True Match foundation. As it is so runny it applies easily to the face and lasts all day. I am excited to get to know this foundation better and continue wearing it day to day.

You can purchase The Body Shop’s foundation here.

What foundations are your favourite? Especially if you have very pale skin like me, I’m up for trying any.

Birthday Purchase

Last Thursday it was my twenty second birthday and what.a.day. It was a perfect day out. I met up with two of my great friends Shannon and Sophie. I’ve always wanted a ‘high end’ lipstick. I have a few Mac lipstick but wanted at least one lipstick which I could single out to be THE ONE. You know what I mean?

Early afternoon after brunch and a little shop I headed into Selfridges. I love this shop, it has everything under one roof and always the place I go to buy my NYX make up and international fashion magazines. I adore it so much and can’t go to London without visiting.

I headed straight to Charlotte Tilbury first. I looked around their lipsticks as close as I could get anyway as it was busy, not sure if that was because they were giving out cute chocolate… (it was yummy!!)

Anyhow, I decided to walk on a little further and came across Chanel. Now surely it’s EVERY girls dream to own something Chanel, whether small or big… at the end of the day IT’S CHANEL! I walked over a little nervous as I know how awesome this brand is and a lot of bloggers I follow own their stuff. A really lovely lady came over and asked if we wanted help and because I had never bought from there before I needed a little direction. I knew I wanted a matte shade and in a nude colour. The lady showed me the most nude shade they had and in the matte style. I swatched it on my hand and LOVED it. I wouldn’t say it is a typical nude colour but it is really such a gorgeous lipstick.

The next question was, how much? Now I was thinking it would be at least £35-£40 because it being Chanel but to my surprise it was £26. I didn’t even have to think about it I wanted it straight away. I told the lovely lady it was my birthday and she kindly gift wrapped it… It even has THE RIBBON AND BAG! I’m seriously thinking of framing the bag, sad I know… but eeep!

Have you ever bought a high end lipstick and how what did you buy?

I really really love my lipstick and the customer service made buying it so much better.


NYX lip cream review

I have been looking everywhere, after reading endless reviews on them, for some NYX make up. I was in London the other week and they have a little section inside Selfridges and of course, I couldn’t walk by without buying something. I have heard lots of good things about the lip creams so I picked up a pink and a more nude shade, looks more orangey.

I was so excited to try them as they were only £5.50 each. I bought the Istanbul one and the Cairo one. They both go on very very easy and set matte. Cairo goes on as what reminds me of the colour that when I was at high school, putting foundation on your lips but somehow it still looks great. It looks even better when put on top of the Istanbul lip cream. They both smell really really good as well when you put them on.  I wear them daily as the colours are suitable for day to day wear.

When I next head into London I will definitely buy some more and try out other product. Which NYX products are your favourite?