Hair journey – dark brown to blonde

I did it. I’ve been wanting to do it properly for a few years now. I have been platinum blonde before and I adored it. There’s something about having a complete contrast hair colour to your natural hair colour that makes you feel SASSY. I feel so much more confident blonde, I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I have such pale skin that the dark brown washed me out and blonde doesn’t? I’m not sure. Of course going from dark brown to blonde would have its consequences as it has damaged my hair – a lot. I’m no professional with hair dye and dying hair and maybe some people will call me stupid for doing it, but why not? My theory is, if it goes wrong… there’s always a darker colour. That may not be the best thing to think but, its the truth.


I went for a treatment before I dyed my hair. As you would know I have a compulsive repetitive mental health disorder called Trichotillomania (Trich). I know right, a mouthful. I have wrote about it before a couple of times but here are some links from my blog if you haven’t yet seen them. The treatment I got is called Olaplex. The treatment thats done is in two parts. Part one was left on for ten minutes before applying part two. It repairs the bonds within your hair, which is perfect for someone who breaks and snaps off hair. The hairdresser said to me I could keep it on for as long as I like for a better result, but no less than half an hour. I ended up keeping it on my hair for two hours and a bit and it made my hair feel brand new. In the past, I have dyed and dyed my hair, all different colours which involves bleaching it many times. My hair at one point stuck upwards and stayed there. I also cannot remember when my hair actually moved or swayed in the wind. After the Olaplex treatment it felt like it had quite literally been reborn. My hair moved when I turned my head and just felt so light and refreshed. I honestly, 100%, cannot wait to rebook in after pay day. So worth the money.


The next day, after my treatment, I began the bleaching process. All hairdressers will cringe at this and if they could see me will probably slap my hand for the amount of times I have dyed my hair in the last seven days. I think all in all I have used around four bleaches, four ash blondes, a baby blonde, a toner and numerous purple shampoo baths. CRAZY. It took me six months from the first time I dyed my hair blonde from red and only a week this time. It’s still brassy but, as I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know, I will be giving it a rest from dyes for a while. Purple shampoo and coconut oil is quite literally my best friend right now. I would advise, however, that if you want to go blonde from dark brown to go to your hairdressers. I probably ended up spending the same money on hair dyes myself that I would spend at the hairdressers getting it professionally done. If you have Trich and pull from your hair, you’ll know hairdressers are scary places and I try, personally to stay away from them as much as I can.


I really absolutely feel so much better being blonde. I feel so much happier, so much confident. During the process of bleaching I have destroyed my hair. I’ve made it coarse, I’ve made it broken and all of these are things that trigger Trich. There have been times recently where I’ve felt anxious and that is a trigger for Trich. Having blonde hair and dark bedding/furniture or even wearing dark clothes, you can see it more and it makes you feel so rubbish. Although there is still that voice inside you that wants you to keep pulling and searching. No matter if I have a deep treatment on to repair my hair there is still that voice. I refuse to let Trich make me dye my hair back brown because it’s the easier way out. I’m ready for this fight and it won’t beat me. It can sometimes get me when I don’t want it to but it won’t beat me. That’s my promise.

(Thank you JJ for the pics, and support always. Always my B!)

Here are my three top blonde hair care products:

Purple shampoo



If anyone has dyed their hair blonde and have any recommendations for deep treatments for home, then please let me know.

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