If you had spoken to me around a month ago, the thought of wearing a hair wrap/head scarf would of made me cringe and I would of thought – no. Just no. A really really good friend of mine mentioned to me the other week that maybe hair wraps/head scarfs would benefit me a lot, in the way they cover up a lot of hair to stop me pulling. Especially when I’ve got stressful events coming up, which I find myself pulling my hair out a lot more.

I researched on Pinterest different headscarf styles which I could try out and then I began to look for headscarves. I was still a bit like – oooh urrrmmm whilst shopping but if I didn’t like them I could always just not wear them.

As soon as I got home I instantly was watching Youtube videos about how to tie headscarves in cool stylish ways. I have enjoyed trying different styles and already buying different styles of headscarf, big ones, thin ones and headbands. I thought originally I’d be loving the headbands more but I actually prefer the headscarfs. You can style them in more versatile ways to headbands.

Today I wore my hair down the whole day with a headband and not only does it cover the bald bits at the side but it also stops me pulling from the root at the sides. I can still pull off the ends and snap the split ends off but it’s a lot more difficult when your hair is up.

I’m looking forward to finding new ones in my travels whilst shopping and I can’t wait to try new different styles. If you know any places I can get any from please let me know! Also if you’d like to see different ways I style them and how I do it in a video let me know!

I see this all in the road to recovery away from Trichotillomania. I will beat you. Hair armour is here to help!

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