June Round Up

We’ve reached the end of June already, how??Β I could swear that the days are going faster, I sound like I’m past my age but.. its the truth! I set a bunch of goals to complete for the end of the month. These were:

  • Cut out additional sugars. I legit think I am addicted to sugar. I really really need to stop asap for my own health. It is becoming not ok and I’m well aware of it.
  • Go at least one day pull free. Just one day. This hasn’t happened in a while because I’ve been stressed and anxious about everything thats going on with the internship, getting something to pass the 100 hours and you know, general life stresses. I’ll be sure to update you all on my social media if this does happen, however – eek.
  • Get in contact with companies which I 100% want to get work experience with. Not just applying through panic and getting an internship I really don’t like again. That was not fun. I may do a blogpost on this soon about my experience with this internship and how to look for one which you love, if you’d be interested. Let me know.
  • Blog more. I’ve just recently started to share my experiences with mental health condition called Trichotillomania and the response/support I’ve received from it has been incredible. My blog posts about MH have been the ones which have been viewed/read the most and that makes me extremely happy and proud.
  • Get home and spend more time with my family. I’ve been home not even a week this year with university and I miss them home comforts so much. It is summer now and although I have to work overtime to pay the bills I must find some time just to take a break and re-coup at home. This also goes aside seeing my friends more often. I need to do this, need need need.

The additional sugars goal was completed in a week, I went home then ate sugar like it was the best thing ever and haven’t stopped since, sigh.Β 

I haven’t gone a day pull free all month and to be honest that makes me angry. Theres been 30 days this month and not one day did I stop pulling. It has however been a stressful month with getting results from uni, working loads and moving house. I hope one of these months to come I’ll be able to say at least one day I didn’t pull.

I have been in contact with companies I want to do internships and been offered some but with my financial state right now I couldn’t do it. I need to earn enough money for rent and bills first then go from there. It’s a hard cycle.

I’ve blogged at least once a week this month, sometimes maybe twice. That is an incredible achievement for me. I can’t wait to share some more fun times as well as more posts about Mental Health. I really enjoy writing about it knowing that people don’t feel alone anymore and raising awareness.

Finally, as I write this post I’m actually sat at home. With around 50 boxes of my own stuff surrounding me after moving out in Southampton earlier this week ready to sort out and move back down Monday for final year of uni in a different, much nicer house. I’m excited and quite nervous for last year. Lets hope I do myself proud.

Hope you all have a fab July and I shall see you all next month for more blogposts! Lets do this!

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