MUA VS Make Up Revolution – Highlighters

I have been searching for a highlighter for a while. I have always used my Sleek contour kit but have had it for around a year and a half, maybe even two years – no kidding. The highlighter however is now on its way out, it has that massive hole in the middle where you need to move your brush in really weird angles just to get some on it – not ideal and definitely time to upgrade.

However, I do not have the pounds right now to replace the Sleek one I love. I was on a hunt for a new one and heard really good things about the MUA highlighter and the Make Up Revolution one. With their affordable prices, I was feeling OK to buy both, after all I will have two highlighters for less than one – winning.

I first bought the MUA highlighter. This highlighter is more of a gold colour. I got it in the shade Iridescent Gold. It definitely lives up to it’s name. As soon as I bought it I instantly swatched it on my hand and was so impressed. The colour was gold and shimmery and just gorgeous. It stayed on the back of my hand for ages. Every time the sun it my hand I could see it glistening – perfect! Overall, I’m so so so pleased with this highlighter and it only costs Β£3. BARGAIN. You can buy it online here.

I then bought the Make Up Revolution highlighter in the shade Golden Lights. Every time I have been in my local Superdrug they have always, always been sold out. I was home for literally a few days (can’t wait to come back end of the month) and in that Superdrug there sat one highlighter in the shade I was after – SUCCESS. (So obviously I bought it!) When I swatched it on the back of my hand the pigmentation was insane. I love it! This one isn’t as gold and shimmery as the MUA one and more of a silver/white tone. When I apply it to my face I use my finger first then move it with the brush and it goes on so well. Makes me sparkle so much. You can buy the Make Up Revolution one here for Β£3!

Overall, I feel like both highlighters will be used at different times and the Β£6 was well worth my money. I love these highlighters so much and will be high up in my make up bag.

What highlighters are your favourite and on the high street?

8 thoughts on “MUA VS Make Up Revolution – Highlighters

  1. I absolutely love my MUA highlighter that I went and brought the pink version! That layered with my sleek highlight is fabulous ❀️

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