Body shop review

I am always on the look out for new foundations. I have been loving Loreal’s Infallible foundation recently. My skin is very very pale so it’s always a struggle to find one that doesn’t make my skin look really pale.

However there was a student sessions on at West Quay in Southampton last Thursday and of course if there is a bargain I’m going to pick it up. I needed some new musling cloths for my Liz Earle cleanse and polish (which I adore) and saw they had a make up range in the Body Shop.

I’ve read a few posts on the Body Shop’s make up and they always get positive reviews (the ones I read anyways!) I’m running low on foundation so what a time to purchase one from The Body Shop, especially if they had 20% discount. I picked up the shade Chelsea Porcelain after swatching it on my hand, it was the palest they had in store.

The next morning was the ideal time to try it out. I squirted enough on the back of my hand and was surprised. It hasn’t got a thick consistency and it runs on my hand as I tilt it away. It reminds me of Loreal’s True Match foundation. As it is so runny it applies easily to the face and lasts all day. I am excited to get to know this foundation better and continue wearing it day to day.

You can purchase The Body Shop’s foundation here.

What foundations are your favourite? Especially if you have very pale skin like me, I’m up for trying any.

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