Favourite lipstick collection

I am a sucker for lipsticks. I cannot help but buy one every single time I go into a drugstore to buy make up. There is just SOMETHING about opening a fresh clean new lipstick. I have quite a collection now I can’t help but buy one and thought I’d share my favourite four lipsticks. The photos are not exactly great because I love and adore these lipsticks and they are religiously worn.

  1. KIKO PARIS – 01 NUDE.Β Although this is a new lipstick it is my now become my go to every single day since I bought it. It is a gorgeous shade and you can just see the colour. It makes it more of a daily lipstick this way. At the moment it is on offer, not sure how long it will last so I’d defo snap it up ASAP here.


  2. CLINQUE – NUDE POP.Β This one I got free with Glamour magazine sometime last year and really adore it. I feel like it is moisturising to the lips which, for me has to be a must. The colour is really on trend and very neutral. I love it. You can buy it here.


  3. LOREAL – 1o3 PROTEST QUEEN.Β I have just done a post recently on this lipstick when I bought some of the new collection. I really love this lipstick for a glossy look, just for a change from the normal matte looking lipsticks I usually where. My personal experience this lipstick has stayed on. You can purchase it here.


  4. MAC – STONE.Β This colour is different to the others above. I’ve never been brave enough to buy a darker lipstick but this one is just gorgeous. It’s a deep browny/purple matte shade and I adore it. I’m so pleased to have bought it. I only wear it occasionally but when I do I get good comments about it. You can purchase it here.


There you have it. There’s a mix of high price and low price lipsticks here but all are very much treasured by me. What are your favourite drug store or high end lipsticks? I’m always on a hunt for new ones.

Speak soon


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