Topshop VS Mac

Recently I was lucky enough to pick up a bargain in Topshop. They had a massive sale on including cosmetics so I jumped at the chance of picking up a lipstick.

Although im quite obsessed with nude coloured lipsticks recently I bagged what I thought was a plum lipstick but goes on quite pinky… Weird.

Here comes to the ‘exciting’ bit. Topshop and Mac lipsticks smell both the same. Does that mean they’re made by similar people?

I found with my Mac lipstick that it goes on incredibly well but it doesn’t stay on as long as Topshop, but found with Topshop you have to put on more to get the colour.

Both lipsticks are creamy also and it almost feels like the lipsticks moisturise your lips which is an added bonus to people like me with awful lips.

2015-07-21 10.38.31 2015-07-21 10.38.53 2015-07-21 10.39.14

2015-07-21 10.39.30 2015-07-21 11.33.23

In the future I wouldn’t hesitate buying a Topshop lipstick if I didn’t have the right money to splurge on Mac.

If anyone has had a Topshop lipstick or a Mac lipstick let me know what you think of them? If anyone has any cheaper alternatives let me know that too!

Speak soon


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