Pretty Little Thing Illustration

If you know me already you’d know that I study Fashion Graphics at uni and if you don’t you now do. It’s summer until the end of September and whilst applying for countless jobs to be able to pay for rent on a house I can’t actually afford to live in until September, I have been working on ‘technical’ skills for my course.

I have taken a liking to illustrating recently and decided to dedicate a whole Instagram towards them – click here (I have now decided to add more blog photos, this will hopefully keep me motivated to blog as well over summer)

I have particularly loved the brand Pretty Little Thing*Β since I discovered online shopping. Their clothes are very affordable and of good quality. With this in mind, I follow one of their models on Instagram, Sasha and created an illustration of a playsuit she wears on their site. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you this took me absolutely ages to illustrate. I started it a few weeks ago and every time I went to add to it, it took a lot of concentration which gave me a headache.

I am so very proud of the outcome:


I added the final illustration to my Instagram and tagged the modelΒ Sasha as well as Pretty Little Thing’s InstagramΒ and did the usual thing of linking it to my Twitter account. To my surprise, Pretty Little Thing* regrammed my illustration onto their own feed as well as RT’d it. This allowed the owner of Pretty Little Thing* to retweet and comment on Twitter. As a result of this they sent me a gift from their online store. I was so excited to receive it and as soon as I could headed out with one of my good friends Shannon to shoot pictures in what I received. Shannon’s blog link is here.

I received a tan sleeveless camel coloured trench coat from them and I absolutely love it. When I tell you that I haven’t taken it off since I received it, isn’t a lie. It is so lightweight yet giving you the feel that you have a jacket on. The back of the sleeveless trench coat there is a split which I really really love. The length of the jacket is perfect. I literally adore this jacket and I have so much to thank to Pretty Little Thing* for sending this piece of perfection to me. You can purchase this amazing jacket hereΒ which I highly recommend.

IMG_4310 IMG_4311 IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4314 IMG_4315

Another massive thank you to everyone that works there as well as Shannon for putting up with me for not knowing how to pose properly (maybe I should practice).


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