If this doesn’t make you look up from your phone what will?

I was doing the usual monotonous scroll through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which lets face it, has become a part of almost everyone’s daily routine when I stumbled across this link on Facebook. There are constantly links being shared across all social media platforms every single day but something about this one caught my eye. It was an article which had a video attached about looking up from your phone.

I was so moved by this video that I had to share it. The video has over 51 million views onYouTube.

image image image image

Look at its gorgeous colourings 😻🙌

Look at its gorgeous colourings 😻🙌

Anyhow, after watching this video I decided to leave my phone downstairs to make a cuppa tea, little I know but still progress. Normally I would walk through the living room scrolling Instagram or Twitter like I have been doing for the past hour make a cuppa tea and head back up to bed. Well, because I didn’t have my phone I got downstairs and looked out the window to see this very very cute cat starin back at me. So so gorgeous and very playful. I sat for about half hour with the cat before heading back inside for my cuppa tea.

It’s weird to think if I walked by with my phone in my hand I wouldn’t have met this cat.

Are there anytimes where you’ve walked by without your phone and something has happened?

Are you also like me going to stop using your phone as often as you did?

Speak soon


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