More about me.

Basically, I haven’t wrote a post for a long time and I haven’t really told any of my readers what kind of person I really am. I saw this post on one of my uni flatmates blogs and asked if I could steal it from hers to do on mine, which she kindly let me. You can find her blog here: Anyhow here’s a few facts about me – enjoy!

Red or White wine? White with apple juice is gods creation, but my preferred wine choice has to be a fruity rose.

City or Countryside? City. I adore London as a city and always feel my happiest when I’m there. I now live in a city too, which is pretty awesome.

Cats or Dogs? Cats, always cats.
Sweet or Savoury? Depending on mood but more than likely my choice would be sweet.
Dresses or Jeans? Black ripped jeans preferably, although I haven’t ripped mine yet.
Heels or Flats? FLATS. Heels are the work of a devil, unless you’re going to an event where you will be sitting down for half the night.
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift – she is a GODDESS.
Tea or Coffee? Coffee – particularly vanilla latte with a shot of caramel syrup.
Divergent or Hunger Games? Hunger Games – Gale. That is all.
Blogposts or Youtube videos? Blogposts.
Skincare or Makeup? Makeup – only just got into make up but love.
Night or Morning? Night. Depending on what time I wake up I will still somehow be awake all night.
Pizzas or Burgers? Pizzas. Pizza with chicken and sweetcorn.
Magazines or Books? Magazines. American and Aussie magazines are normally 9/10 better than UK magazines.
Facebook or Twitter? 100% Twitter!
Summer or Winter? Summer
Digital or Film photos? Digital.

What is your favourite…?
City? London
Books? I remember Hazel is the new nut at school was my favourite, now I would say any John Green books.
Movie? Any Hilary Duff film.
TV Shows? Friends or Casualty – Queen Beauchamp!
Perfume? Project D – Dannii Minogue, so sad its discontinued.
Nail Polish? Any black shade.
Skincare item? I don’t use skincare items.
Lipstick? At the moment I’m in love with my Birthday Suit – Sleek lip cream. You can find a review on my blog – click here
Foundation? Rimmel Match Perfection – the lightest shade
Food? I adore the rice and peas on the Caribbean store in town at the moment, so good!
Dessert? Cheesecake is so good, but so is all desserts.
Place to eat? Not a clue, I’m not really fussy as long as theres nice food.
Alcoholic drink? Rose. Always rose.
Non Alcoholic Drink? Ice cold pure orange juice.
Actor/Actress? Audrey Hepburn for being iconic. Amanda Mealing probably now.
Singer/Band? T SWIZZLE

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
The most proud accomplishment might be getting my three distinctions in college for my FMP for personal reasons and then getting into university doing the only course in the country. Thats pretty god damn good.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be something particular until I grew up and began to know myself more. I still don’t think its right that according to schools, by the age of sixteen you have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, by either picking a college course or going to work. I had no idea what I wanted to do until I began my college course at 18 and then by the end I knew.

What are some things that scare you?

Spiders, feet, daddy long legs, PIRATES, life. Just a lot of things really.

What was life like growing up and in high school?

Well, high school I don’t even want to discuss. I was bullied all the way through school right up until year 11 which is probably why I have such low confidence and self esteem. If I had a chance to go back to my high school years I 100% wouldn’t.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I think I’m a mix of both. I love to have days which I call ‘me time’ but then don’t always want that.

I hope you all learned a little more about me if you reached the bottom of this post. If you want to know more then you can always comment below and I’ll answer any questions.

Peace out!

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