Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream

Everyone has been going crazy about Kylie Jenner’s lips recently, haven’t they? It is thought that Kylie uses the lip shade ‘Velvet Teddy’ by Mac. (If you’re lucky to catch the website when its in stock you can buy that here:Β

Anyhow, like most university students, or just people in general, we can’t afford Β£15 on just one lipstick, and if we can it’ll be for a special reason/occasion. After complaining to various people that I just cannot justify Β£15 for one lipstick, my flat mate suggested buying Sleek’s Matte Me lip gloss in Birthday Suit for just Β£4.99.

The lip cream is easy to apply as the tip of the ‘stick’ is not bulky and stays on throughout the day/or night. Once the lip cream has been applied it doesn’t take long for the finishing look to be matte. I would definitely consider purchasing this lipgloss again as it is perfect for any day or any outfit you decide to team it with.

(Sorry for the state of the lipgloss I had used it a couple of times before I took photos)





You can purchase the lipgloss here:

or try in store.

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