MUA Matte Perfect Foundation Review

It’s got to that time again where all your make up runs out at the same time. Gutting when you’re on a tight budget. I recently featured my foundation in a previous post that I usually use, but with things being paid off and money for food, with being a uni student I couldn’t stretch that far yet to buy the same foundation. Instead I decided to try MUA’s Matte Perfect Foundation in shade fair, as I have pure white skin. This foundation cost me Β£2. When you squirt a bit on your hand it feels very ‘heavy’ if you will, however this changes when you spread it across your skin. It feels very oily but stays in place all day, so does it’s job. The colour of the foundation however does spread across the skin easily and doesn’t have complete blotches of colour in places. You can purchase this product here: IMG_00122



What are your favourite low priced foundations?

One thought on “MUA Matte Perfect Foundation Review

  1. When I left my boyfriends house in a hurry a few months back I left my make-up bag there as I had planned to put my face on whilst at my uni room. I realised whilst I was on the bus I bought the Collection 2000 foundation from the 99p store just to do me for the day until I returned to pick it up and it’s honestly good. Mine had soft pink undertones and stayed on all day – I literally spent Β£3.99 on foundation, powder, mascara and liquid eyeliner and they were really good and I’m the last person to admit it. You should definitely check them out! X


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