Collection Coffee Break Lipstick

Recently I went for a shopping trip for trousers, but usually whatever I go shopping for I don’t end up bringing home with me. In this case there were no exceptions. I ended up strolling into Superdrug and purchasing a brown coloured lipstick.To be fair i’ve been looking for a lipstick which is a little more darker than the one I already own in a nude colour, but not too dark.

This lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t have a shiny effect, which personally, I don’t wear that often. Although it doesnt have a shiny effect it isn’t matte either and doesn’t clog up on your lips, which is a blessing. The price for this lipstick isn’t expensive either, with coming up at Β£2.50 – Bargain! I already own a Collection product before this lipstick which is the 24 hour felt tip liner and will be trying more of their products to review in the future.

You can purchase the lipstick here:Β




Speak soon xox

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