Audrey Illustration

During a blogger chat the other night I questioned whether or not to add my own illustrations I draw onto my blog and the majority of answers I got was – yes! If you know me already, you’d know I study Fashion Graphics at uni. I create graphics and drawings in my own time to expand my skills on all softwares.

So, one night in uni, when we were all just chilling I got out my graphic pad (basically it plugs into the side of my mac with a USB and has a pen so easier to draw) and decided to draw Audrey Hepburn, an iconic lady in her own right. I can only however draw from a photograph, weird I know.

I’d never drawn her before and decided it would be a good idea. So, a few hours later I had finished. I added a colourful background to the black and white image.

The outcome is here:


Do you want to see more illustrations in the future or? Let me know what you think! If you want to collab see my contact page on how to get hold of me.

Speak soon,


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