Elf and Essie

Bit of a strange combination today but, recently for Christmas I bought one of my good friends two nail varnishes from Essie. I’ve read endless reviews about them and they seem to have a good response. I ventured away from my usual white, grey and black colours and bought a lime green colour, which could be teamed with the white, grey and black nail vanish.

The nail varnish itself glides on perfectly and leaves none of the lumpy polish which it can do from a cheaper nail varnish. The colour only needs around two coats which allows the colour to look more luminous. The texture on the nail varnish I have which is colour code 1027 is glossy. Teamed with a matte nail varnish it looks incredible. The thing you’ve all been wanting to hear about is probably how long does it stay on? I am terrible with nail varnish and can chip it by just opening a tube of polos, however, this nail varnish seems to have stayed on perfectly without any chips for days. I would 100% recommend this nail varnish to anyone and is definitely worth the extra Β£’s.


Another product which I tested today was the Elf baked blush. I have just returned back to uni where all my make up is stored and got excited, as because recently I bought a sleek contouring kit and wanted to try the blush. I’ve heard a lot of reviews about Elf’s products and noticed I had been given a blusher for a gift. The powder went easy onto my brush and when put on my face it was mixed evenly. The pink shade wasn’t too vibrant and looks natural for a day to day look. I am very, very impressed with this product and would love to try more products out soon.



To buy the Essie polish you can purchase here:Β http://www.boots.com/en/Essie/Green-shades/

To buy the elf baked blush you can purchase here:http://eyeslipsface.co.uk/en/restofworld/blush/baked-blush/invt/83350

What are your favourite nail varnishes/blushers?

Speak soon


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