“Get ready with me”

I’ve always wanted to create a “Get ready with me” post for a while now but every time I’ve gone to do it my make up has gone to shreds, you know one of them days?

However, I have finally taken the photo of the make up I use on a daily basis and a photo of what it looks like after.

So, lets get started…


First in my routine I apply my eyeliner, weird I know but I find if my winged eyeliner doesn’t go perfect first time, if I rub it off I will also rub off all foundation around that area. The eyeliner I use is Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner as I find it is easier to apply, although it does have a shiny effect when you put it on. If it has a matte effect I would say it is the perfect liner as it stays on for 24 hours, like it says.

Secondly I apply my foundation, which is Rimmel London Match Perfect Foundation. I have the colour in the lightest shade (light porcelain) as my skin is very pale. It blends amazingly across the skin covering up almost everything. It feels light weight and not thick and oily. Once my foundation has run out I will be back in store to buy this one again, without a doubt.

I then apply contour. I’ve only recently started doing this as I adore the look of cheekbones and a well defied face. I read countless beauty blogs before deciding to by Sleek’s Face Contouring palette. It has definitely become at the top of my beauty must haves. The powder goes easy on your face and has no problems with blending in. It also has options to what colour you want your contour to be depending on your skin colour. I picked the light kit and it does amazingly.

I then apply my eyebrows. To do my eyebrows I useΒ two different products. I used the MUA pro brow kit for the wax to make my eyebrows ready before applying benefit eyeshadow over the top. The Benefit eyeshadow stays on all day and is easy to apply across the brows. There are different shades within the palette which you can chose depending on your hair colour. They definitely double up as an amazing eyeshadow and eyebrow powder.

Shortly after I then begin to add mascara which is from avon and my Model co fibre lash. I suffer so bad with stubborn lashes that will not curl. Model Co fibre lash however gives you the false lash effect without having them on. The little mini fibres within the fibred lash application apply easily to then put mascara over the top, whether that be the Model Co fibre lash mascara or your own. It costs around Β£35 and is definitely one for all ladies collections.

I then finally apply my lipstick. I have a few favourites but my ultimate favourite is Makeup Revolution’s nude matte shade, and only cost Β£1. It glides on easy and stays for a while. It doesn’t clog up your lips or make them oily. Definitely will be, myself purchasing all of the lipsticks as soon as I can.








I hope you enjoyed my “Get ready with me” post. I will be posting more of these in the future. Are there any particular brands you always go back to?

Speak soon xox

5 thoughts on ““Get ready with me”

    1. Thank you so much, that’s so kind! I’m glad you loved the tutorial and hope you’ve been inspired to buy some beauty products! πŸ™‚ xx


    1. Nope, haven’t tried that.. the benefit kit I have has a concealer inside which is handy, should I try it out? πŸ™‚ x


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