these boots are made for walking

I’ve been looking high and low for a pair of knee high boots which don’t have a buckle of any colour or kind on them. Every knee high boot I’ve seen with no buckle on have had a heel on which is OK if you are going out clubbing or work but for every day use, in the winter, not so ideal.

Recently on a trip to London’s Oxford Street I had a browse in New Look as I was kindly given a Β£20 voucher for Christmas to spend in there. We got to the shoe section (along with bags my fave part of a shop) and headed straight over to where the boots would be. That’s when I spotted these beauties.


Although they have a little heel they don’t have the buckles and straps on, they do have a zip which goes up and around the boot separating the leather to material. These boots would wear in all kinds of weathers. The sole however, doesn’t have that much grip so you probably wouldn’t be able to wear them in ice. I was so excited to see these and instantly tried them on. They fitted perfectly, giving my feet room to move inside the boot. They aren’t tight up the leg and are the comfiest pair of boots I own and coming up to Β£39.99. I would recommend these boots to everyone.



Are you loving the over the knee boot trend? What boot recommendations do you have?


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