Treasure Yourself

For a while now I’ve been wanting to buy Miranda Kerr’s Treasure Yourself book. Reason being was that I love the way Miranda is as a person and love the way she spreads positivity.


I could have ordered the book online but couldn’t wait for the delivery time so headed into town and purchased the book from WHSmiths for Β£10, and I can honestly say it’s the best Β£10 I have spent.

The book itself has a ‘soft’ cover, if you will and the pages are clean and crisp, not the usual pages you find in a book, but more like photo paper. The book is split into two half’s, the first half is more of a biography/Miranda’s words on positivity and the second half is quotes that have helped Miranda which she hope’s will help you.

Right from the very first page Miranda’s positivity shines. Throughout the book you learn about Miranda’s personal life and her personal views on things. You are also given questions at the end of every chapter which relate to what you have just read which is a great way to reflect back. Whilst you’re reading it gives you positive affirmations of what relates to the chapter from various people.

This book as helped me think about things more, such as confidence, myself and relationships – not only relating to love but also family and friends. I am not ashamed to say this book has helped bring me positivity and happiness and I think everyone should own on of these books on their bookshelves.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book:

photo-22 photo-23 photo-24 photo-25

You can purchase the book here online:×00000&keywords=miranda%20kerr&redirect=true

or you may be lucky to purchase in a main bookstore.

Let me know if you have bought this book/read it before and what you think.

Love and Kisses x

2 thoughts on “Treasure Yourself

  1. I love Miranda Kerr but I didn’t even realise she had a book out. I need to get this, I planned to get more happiness and positivity in my life and I love a good read, especially when there are quotes, I’m a sucker for those!

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    1. you do? I’d defo think about investing in this book, it does give you a lot of positivity and almost half the book is made from quotes, if you do end up buying it, let me know what you think? πŸ™‚


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