Treat time!

Christmas and New year have flew by so quickly and now its time to get back to reality. We all love a bit of relaxation so whats better than a nice Starbucks hot chocolate made from your own home. I am a self diagnosed obsessive coffee drinker and Starbucks is always my go to place to get a fix. This Christmas I was given a present which is “Starbucks Cocoa Trio”. The “Starbucks Cocoa Trio” comes with three different hot chocolates and a stacking tin. The flavours are: Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Marshmellow. The first one I have tried is Double Chocolate. It is a drink which is smooth and more chocolatey than ever. It is like no other. The hot chocolate topped with marshmallows makes the perfect dream. If I see these around I will definitely be purchasing again. You can however buy Starbucks products on their site at:ΒΒ 





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